About The Raid Page

Raids in Age of Champions were originally carried out using the in-game mechanism. A user would "Call to Arms", which would post a request on their Facebook page. Their friends who played the game would click on the link and help complete the raid.

As people found that looking at all of their friends wall postings was an inefficient way to find raids, raid rooms began sprouting up. These are pages in Facebook that people interested in a particular raid join. Raid links are added to Facebook comments, and anyone who wants to joins the raid.

There are a number of problems with raid rooms. If a raid scrolls up out of view, sometime people would re-post. If a raid is complete, many people will still click on the raid, wasting their time. Sometimes Facebook security pops up, warning you that you're leaving Facebook, requiring another click. Sometimes people post links that aren't raids.

The Raid Room is a 3rd generation Age of Champions raid manager. Each raid type has its own page. All raids that have been submitted and are considered still active are listed. The links are clean, directly to the game, no Facebook pop-ups, and no War Council requests or spam. It's the new way, the better way, to share raids.

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